Cute Umbrellas for Your Little Human!

Rainy days are such a bummer when you decide to go outside for important work. Umbrellas are becoming more and more an essential item in your backpack or purse to continue daily work without interruption from rain or sun. Designers of the umbrellas have often improved the quality and creative design of umbrellas eventually. There are different types of umbrellas available in the market with many features that can be selected as the preferences of the person who uses it.

An Umbrella History

The umbrella is derived from the Latin word “umbra” meaning shade. In the western world, the umbrella has become popular in the 16 – 17th centuries. Especially in European countries that consist of raining is the first to use a newer version of umbrellas that we currently use. Shapes and sizes of umbrellas have been changed since then. It was considered an umbrella is an accessory for women. If you are looking for a cute umbrella for girls, that means you are following that historic event. For the first time in history, a Persian traveler Jonas Hanway (1712-86) used to have an umbrella with him and used publicly in England. He was to the first male who popularized the umbrella as an accessory for men. When you consider buying an umbrella, there are many features that you need to pay attention to.

Most of us prefer to buy umbrellas that are cute and eye-catching but what we really required from an umbrella is not only the cuteness. Before the cute umbrellas, the birth of an umbrella is going to the ancient historic times in Egypt. They used to have a similar thing to an umbrella now we know as the first evidence found umbrellas are used over a long time. What we use today is a modified, evolved version of the same umbrella that used in Egypt. They have used some large leaves of trees as a shade or a cover to not get soaked from the rain. There is no evidence found that umbrellas or similar things to umbrella have been used for sun protection in ancient civilizations. Modern umbrellas currently in the market are mass-manufactured in China and there are many variances of colors, designs, and shapes available in the market. Umbrella is considered as the most selected gift item in the online marketplace. From compact mini umbrellas to larger golf umbrellas are gifted among family, friends, or loved once has been increased significantly.

We use an umbrella for rain and protection from bad sun rays. Much like adults, kids love to have an umbrella on their own while going outside. However, as a parent or a guardian, it is a responsibility to give them an umbrella with features to protect them from rain and sun. There are features to be considered when buying a cute kids umbrella.

Weather Protection (Rain)

Weather is the first thing we expect protection from an umbrella. When it comes to a strong downpour, the water repellent of the canopy is a must. This water repellency allows you to get the umbrella dry within seconds. Most umbrella manufacturers use microfiber clothing for the canopy. Microfiber cloths are woven tightly with extremely fine fibers that do not allow water to pass through the fabric. Even a cute kids umbrella, this water repellent feature is most required to make sure your little human to stay dry in a strong downpour.

Weather Protection (Sun)

We wouldn’t care about using an umbrella as a shade on the sun because most of us think umbrellas are used to protect ourselves from rain. As guys think, umbrellas are more of a lady thing to use in public. But like today, the ozone layer is depleting very fast that gives room to harmful rays of the sun to burn our skin and cause serious skin conditions. Protecting your kid’s skin is a major concern if they are going outside exposed to the sun. As an umbrella manufacturer, Amy’s umbrella is one of the certified canopy manufacturers that have the ability to provide 99% protection from harmful sun rays that can cause skin problems to your kid. The biggest concern of exposure to the sun is harmful Ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet burns the skin and causes skin cancers if continue to expose over time. UPF is a certification process to assess how much UV can be cut off from a fabric. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and the maximum value it can achieve is 50+. Amy’s umbrella is one of the leading manufactures with UPF 50+ certification, which gives protection from UV rays and other bad sun rays. If you are concerned about giving your children a cute kids umbrella, you need to check for the UPF 50+ certification that Amy’s umbrella currently certified.

Canopy Size and Shape

Kids love to have a cute small umbrella in their backpacks all the time if it is beautiful and eye-catching, hate to break it to you that is not the main purpose of the umbrella. Parents should aware that when selecting a cute kids umbrella, every main feature that an umbrella required to protect your loved ones. Other than the weather protection, canopy size is another concern when selecting a cute small umbrella. Most of the time we used to select a larger canopy size but this may get you into trouble when using it in crowded areas. Smaller canopy size can get you wet because of the lack of the coverage area by the canopy when raining. There are different sizes of canopies from smaller to larger (Golf umbrellas) that you need to carefully select according to the requirement. Most of the time kids required an umbrella with a small canopy that can cover their body and use it in crowded areas. Most cute umbrellas for kids have wind resistance that can withstand high wind. Amy’s umbrella provides designs with wind resistance features to all our umbrellas that can withstand wind up to 60Kmph.

Compactness of The Umbrella

Researches done in the US tells us 33% of people lose their umbrellas because of forgetting it where they put it. Maybe it’s in public transportation, office, a restaurant we keep forgetting them. Think that you walk to a restaurant in the rain with your umbrella but suddenly rain stops while you take your meal. Then you forget you need the umbrella anymore because there is no rain. That’s why we need a compact umbrella to make sure that even in a hurry, we don’t forget the umbrella. As adults this happens to us and how do you think that may happen with kids? They need a cute compact umbrella that they can put it right back into their backpacks when not using. They would not forget their cute mini umbrella is even in there with them all the time. If the cute rain umbrella your kid has water repellent canopy clothing, it is easy to shake away the water and put it in the bag without getting the backpack wet. The compactness of an umbrella is most considered when traveling. A cute compact umbrella can be a travel partner in the rain when you really need it.

Shaft of the Umbrella

Most compact umbrellas have a shaft that can push in or pull out to make the shaft shorter or longer when needed. This feature is essential for the compactness of the umbrella. If your kid prefers to have a cute travel umbrella with the compactness, this shaft length should be taken into consideration.

Strong & Durable

Our products are made with premium quality materials that last a long time with everyday use. Our research team always taking customer feedbacks to manufacture an exceptional quality umbrella for you every time we make new version umbrellas. Cheaper umbrellas in the market use low-quality clothing for the canopy and 6 ribs build for the canopy structure. We use 8 ribs strong and steady construction canopy that can withstand high wind and rain. This 8 ribs construction is made with high-quality stainless steel that is lightweight and super strong. It won’t break or bend easily. Some manufacturers use 10 ribs or 12 ribs construction to the canopy. That is only adding more weight to the umbrella and it won’t be a steady canopy in wind. 8 ribs construction canopy is an effective method to build an umbrella canopy.

Our cute umbrella series is best suited for kids that protect them from harmful sun rays and at the same time protect them from the heavy rains. Amy’s umbrellas have been in the market for a long time because of the quality of the product and adding more beauty to you when you use our umbrellas.  This quality construction of our umbrellas made Amy’s umbrellas to the top 10 list of best umbrellas in the world in a shorter time period. Amy’s umbrellas, not just a thing that you have in your backpack or purse. It is your travel partner every day!

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