Does UV Protection Umbrella Save Your Skin?

The word ‘Umbrella’ comes from the word ‘Umbros’ which means shadow or shade. Basic of the umbrella has a history of more than 4000 years. There is evidence of umbrellas found in China, Egypt, and Greece. In the first, umbrellas were used to provide shade from the sun. Then it has evaluated into modern umbrellas that has many features such as windproof, waterproof and UV protected, etc. From there onwards, umbrella evaluated to adults umbrellas and cute children umbrella which has more designs and styles.


Cute Umbrella or UV Protection Umbrella?


More than 60% of online sales, ladies tend to buy new umbrellas each year all over the world. Men don’t depend on an umbrella when it comes to rain or sunshine. However, ladies prefer to have a cute travel umbrella in their bags all the time because of the uncertainty of the weather. Most of the ladies are purchasing umbrellas that are stylish and colorful that makes their personality stronger. Some of them purchase umbrellas for the protection of the skin from UV burns. But, it is more worth if an umbrella has all those features together which can give you stylish and protection at the same time.


Concerning about your skin?


Exposure to UV radiation every day is a major risk of getting skin cancer. Sunlight is the main source of UV radiation. Depending on the country you are living in, radiation levels may vary. This is because of the ozone depletion. There are three types of UV rays.

  • UVA – These rays can damage your DNA and can be a result of long term skin damage
  • UVB – These are the type of rays which can give you sunburn
  • UVC – Less harmful version of UV rays.

UV rays are stronger between 10 am to 4 pm every day. In the spring and summer months, UV rays are very strong. Clouds can block some of the UV rays that are coming from the sun. But it is not the best option to protect your skin because some clouds increase UV exposure.

Important fact – Even on a cloudy day, UV rays can burn your skin and lead to skin cancers!


How to get protected from UV?


It is a must to have some sort of way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Best way to do this is covering yourself with tightly woven clothes that block light. Next method is to use sunscreen. this may not be the best option because you can’t wear sunscreen or any other protective cream while you are working. The final method is to limit your exposure to the UV rays. As mentioned, UV rays are very stronger between 10 am and 4 pm. Adjust your work according to that may result in the minimum exposure. If you have to get out at any time of the day you can use an umbrella to protect your skin. Most branded umbrella canopies are made with UV protected materials.

Umbrellas that are UPF50+ certified has the ability to block 100% UV rays and protect your skin

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. UPF is a rating system of UV protection provided by fabrics or clothing. UPF measures how much UV rays are blocked or absorbed by the fabric. Higher the absorbent or blocking levels effectively protects the skin. UPF ratings range from 15 to 50. Higher UPF rating means the protection is great. Garments that are rated UPF 50+ offers excellent UV protection.

By the facts discussed here in this article gives you a better idea to select the best umbrella for ladies. It is a must to have good protection such as UPF50+ to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Then the umbrella should be portable and easy to carry. The umbrella needs to be durable. The last factor for a better umbrella for ladies is the stylish look. All these are provided with Amy’s Umbrella which has the ability to protect your skin, portability, durability and the stylishness in many ways. Amy’s umbrellas have thousands of satisfying customers worldwide for about five years. It is the best umbrella you can find that has all these features for an affordable price with a good warranty that is unmatchable like other umbrella products. A wide collection is available in many colors and designs on the shopping page to select the best umbrella that suits you.

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